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As the new academic year is set to begin, we are getting ready to start our ministry in our new location, and we are glad to launch this new website for the Vanderbilt Wesley Fellowship.

We are a student ministry that is anchored in Christ and open to all. On this site you can find out a little about who we are and what we do. As the school year gets underway, you will be able to find things on here like:

  • weekly posts about what spiritual topic we are talking about on Thursday evenings
  • what service opportunities are currently available
  • what fellowship events will be happening

I am excited about the possibilities this new year brings and hope you’ll be a part!

Maybe you are a student looking around for a faith group on campus where you can explore your questions, expand your spirituality, and extend yourself in service. If so, come check us out.

Maybe finding a new group to be a part of isn’t what you are looking for right now, but you need some spiritual guidance or someone who can help you work through the tough issues that college life can bring (which are more than a few!) from a perspective of faith. If so, please contact me and I’d love to get coffee with you and visit.

As this new year begins, remember that God is for us, with us, and ahead of us, calling us to become all that we were made to be.

I hope the Wesley Fellowship at Vanderbilt can be one of the ways that God works in you and through you this year!



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